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Fast application of copyright registration in China.

Professional Documents.

A refund will be made if the application fails.

English service is available.

Software copyright and copyright of works are called copyright, and are also equivalent to copyright. The object of software copyright protection is software, including source code, software interface and operation instructions.

Requirement of software copyright application:
1. the software source code (electronic version), from the beginning of any module program to the end of any module program, continuous source code 3000 lines or more (a carriage return end counts a line, does not contain blank lines)
2. software instructions, user manual, redemption, demand analysis and other documents to choose one (electronic version), requires A4 page layout, space is more than 20 pages, there are software interface screenshots or software design flow chart;
3. A copy of the business certifacation, stamped with the official seal on the blank area.

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